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Engineering Services at Power Marine


Marine Engineering services available

        * Outboard & Sterndrive Engine Servicing 

        * Pre Season Boat & Rigging Inspection

        * Engine Reconditioning

        * Welding

        * Sleeving & Boring

        * Head Milling & Resurfacing

        * Winterising

        * Trailer Servicing & Repair

        * Engine Dyno Testing




  Enging servicing and recommisioning.




  Engine Building & Blueprinting.




  Cylinder & Block Boring, Cylinder Head Milling.




  Engine Dyno Testing.

  Unlike other local marine engine service centres, we can assure your engine is making its ultimate power

with a full throttle range test on our Land & Sea dynomometer.







Boats & Parts

View our range of used boats, engines, parts, rigging & proppellers.

Used Boat, Engines & Rigging.


Engine Rebuilds

Trailer need attention?

Maybe your engine is just not giving the performance it should.

Full Engineering Facilities.

Repair Work

Repair Work

Hull & Deck Repairs, Whether by Accident or Storm Damage, All repairs catered for.

Insurance Claims Undertaken.